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Deseret News

Dispatcher's cool head helps save boy's life

After coaching a hysterical woman through emergency resuscitation techniques that saved the life of a 10-month-old infant, public safety dispatcher Jeri Maughn sat down and cried.

"There is nothing as sweet as the sound of a baby crying when you're afraid something terrible has happened to it," she explained.

It was Maughn's calm instructions that enabled Barbie Sessions and a neighbor to administer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to revive little Todd Evans after he was found unconscious in a bathtub.

Maughn said she has been dispatching for Weber County rescue units and law enforcement agencies for nearly six years and was becoming disillusioned with the pressures of the job when she received the panicked phone call Thursday morning.

"The baby," screamed Sessions, the boy's aunt. ĪThe baby's in the bathtub."

"Take him out of the bathtub," Maughn replied.

"He's out of the bathtub," sobbed the aunt.

"Is he breathing?" asked Maughn.


As Sessions dictated Maughn's instructions, neighbor Lynn Schultz worked on the unconscious baby and revived him before paramedics arrived.

"It's pretty neat knowing what you did helped save a life," said Maughn. "It makes the job worth all the stress it causes you."

Maughn was not the only one with teary eyes following the incident.

Sessions said she was bathing the baby in her home when the telephone rang. She ran down the stairs to answer it and took the phone with her to the bathroom. In the seconds that elapsed, the baby slipped under the water and had lost consciousness.

He sustained no serious injuries and was returned to his parents Friday morning.