November 1999

Operator's Calm Demeanor Helps Capture Burglar, Saves Lives.
Submitted by Lt. J. Brian Maginnity (10/15/01)

I am responding to your request for stories that emphasize the results of your EMD training. The following call is one involving one of our Communication Operators on a burglary-in-progress call. Should you need any official documentation, it can be obtained from the Chief.

This call occurred in 1999 and the audio tapes of this call are no longer available.

On Friday, 11-12-99, Communications Operator Nikki Snider took a call from a frightened 15 year old boy. He and another 16 year old boy were home alone. They heard noises and the 15 year old called 911. Both boys then hid in the basement, but remained on a cordless phone.

Nikki took the call and determined quickly that a burglary was being committed. She kept the boys calm and relayed information back and forth between responding units and the boys. She reassured the boys, telling them to remain in the basement. When Officers arrived on the scene, they could view the suspect wandering around inside the residence.

Nikki remained extremely calm in the midst of all this. Her calm demeanor kept the boys from panicking or going back upstairs. When it appeared that the suspect was heading toward the basement, Officers distracted him from the opposite side and attempted entry. The suspect bailed out an opposite window, but was apprehended by Officers outside. One of the arresting Officers sustained a severe injury to his leg in his struggle to arrest the suspect. I doubt if the suspect would have been any nicer to the two young boys.

The result of all this was the apprehension of the suspect and the release of the boys unharmed. Her calm demeanor and her ability to relay information back and forth were stabilizing to both the Officers and the boys trapped inside. She, along with the responding Officers, were given commendations for their actions that night.