Submitted by Fred Hurtado, Priority Dispatch Instructor 7/11/02

Newly Trained EMD Saves Baby.

Hello Fred, my name is Barry Laird and I am a dispatcher for GoldStar EMS in Port Arthur, Texas. I would like to thank you for the wonderful class that you provided to us.

I would like you to know that because of your class, exactly one day after I recieved my certification card I EMD'ed a call of a 3 week old infant not breathing. I am very pleased to announce that due to the out standing training that you gave me I saved that babies life.

I instructed the mother and father to give rescue breathing for 35 minutes while waiting on the ambulance to come from a very long distance. The residence was in a rural community. My partners dispatched our new BO 105 Helicopter called Angel-1 from our Angel flight program.

The baby is alive and well when only 2 weeks ago the baby was puple and not breathing. I personally on behalf of my self, my partners, and the babies family would like to thank you for a job well done.

I remember what you told me the last day of class after it was over, you said to me " I can always tell when some one will be good at it and your one of them ". Thank you for beliving in me. I also have a copy of the tape from the long call where you can hear the baby cry for the first time....It was heart renching..

Thank you again,

Barry Laird NREMD
John Viverette NREMD
Donna Delacerda, future EMD