New Standards for Accreditation


The International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® is pleased to announce the release of new Standards for Accreditation. The new standards will replace Point 9a in the 20 Points of Accreditation. All other points remain unchanged.


The new Standards for Accreditation are fully compliant with the recently released EMD-Q™ 9a, EFD-Q™ 4a, and EPD-Q™ 4a Performance Standards. As shown in the chart above, they are based on both Compliance Levels and deviation percentages in Case Entry, Chief Complaint, Key Questions, Dispatch Life Support, Final Code, and Customer Service. To meet this standard, an agency must demonstrate that no more than 10% of cases fall in the Partial Compliance Level, no more that 10% of cases fall in the Low Compliance Level, and no more than 7% of cases fall in the Non-Compliant Level. An agency must also demonstrate that the total percentage of Critical, Major, Moderate, and Minor deviations fall within the thresholds shown on the chart. These percentages are derived by dividing the number of deviations recorded by the total number of possible deviations for each category.

An ACE Standards report containing the required information is available in AQUA® 6 software under the ACE tab. Agencies who have upgraded to AQUA 6 and the new 9a/4a Performance Standards must use this new report effective immediately. By March 2015 all Accreditation applications must use the new report. Please contact Priority Dispatch® Technical Support for information on upgrading to AQUA 6.

To ease the transition for currently Accredited Centers of Excellence, the Academy has produced a graduated compliance scale.

Reaccreditation Table

This graduated scale applies to the required biannual reports. If the submitted reports meet the ACE Standard, no additional reporting is necessary. If the submitted reports do not meet the ACE Standard, but fall within the 12 month, 9 month, or 6 month thresholds shown on the chart above, the agency will be required to provide quarterly reports until compliance reaches the ACE Standard. If the submitted reports fall below the thresholds shown on the chart above, the agency will be placed on notice and will need to submit an Action Plan for improvement.

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