EIDS (Emerging Infectious Disease Surveillance) Tool in ProQA Paramount (v5.0/v5.1) and Legacy (v3.4)

We will be updating the EIDS Tool software to v5.0.0 the week of 10/20-10/25/2014

After reading the Text Section below, please select the ProQA version you are currently running:

There have been several questions asked about the use of the EIDS Tool (previously called the SRI Tool). The Tool contains a list of possible signs and symptoms that might be observed or known about a given "patient of interest". This list is extensive as ProQA is trying to capture information that might be useful for associated applications like FirstWatchTM to mine in looking for emerging patient trends and patterns, or for notification of local health authorities and/or responder crews. Some symptoms are displayed in red and indicate Ebola-essential symptoms to ask. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), these symptoms are the most common symptoms of the current Ebola Viral Disease (EVD) outbreak, which, -unlike previous viral outbreaks of Severe Respiratory Infection (SRI) that had symptoms mostly associated with the respiratory system, such as breathing problems, congestion, and coughing - is more likely to present with gastrointestinal-type symptoms such as abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea, as well as non-traumatic, spontaneous, bleeding.

There are two different “Ask only if…” ssections that are conditional on the reason the Tool is being used, such as for people traveling from areas known to have active cases of the disease in question – such as those areas in West Africa: Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia or whom might have had contact with those traveling from these "hot" areas.

The second “Ask only if a higher risk exposure is suspected” such as close contact with sick persons, dead bodies, or exotic African animals like bats or monkeys.  In most cases these queries are obviously not needed, as they apply mainly to medical or healthcare workers or animal handlers. 

Two free-text sections have been added to allow agencies to add Medical Director-approved additional questions and special instructions. Version 5.1 of ProQA Paramount allow for this feature via the administration module.

Initially everyone using the EIDS Tool is in what we call “Surveillance Mode.”  Once there is a significant outbreak or epidemic in a given area, we are then not looking for the emergence of the disease anymore, but simply determining if an individual patient is possibly infected, for crew notification reasons, and possible triage and quarantining of patients in later stages of an epidemic or pandemic. We call this “Trigger Mode”, wherein, using Paramount’s Admin Utility (v5.1 only), the Tool will set off a warning once enough signs or symptoms are discovered now tagging that patient “infected until proven otherwise.”

Right now every agency in the world, outside of the several countries in West Africa that currently have a known outbreak, should be in a Surveillance Mode – even Dallas, Texas which had (so far) only one patient that traveled in and then exhibited the Ebola virus disease after arrival and two more care providers who subsequently contracted the virus during the care of this patient.

Once your area is clearly infected, asking about foreign travel and other high-risk exposures, becomes less important.
For example, when SARS hit and spread in Toronto, they were quickly functioning in a Trigger Mode-like way, while we, in other parts of the US and Canada, were still in Surveillance Mode - trying to capture previously unidentified infected patients emerging in or entering our areas.

Note that also that the EIDS Toolnow includes an Infection Prevention Instruction”:

(Keep isolated)  From now on, don’t allow anyone to come in close contact with the patient.

The following is a brief explanation of the EIDS Tool available in ProQA Paramount v5.0.0.678 and v5.1.0.2, and in ProQA Legacy v3.4.3.33.

Please be aware this Tool is ever evolving and improving. Be alert for future updates. Check this site daily.



ProQA Paramount v5.0.0.678

EID Surveillance Tool (SRI/MERS/Ebola) is available any time a call is activated by selecting the button along the top tool bar as shown below:

EID Tool


This will launch a pop-up tool similar to other diagnostic tools:  



To send this information to CAD, you must enable the Send CBRN and EIDS/SRI Information option in the Responder Script tab:


EID Tool

ProQA Legacy v3.4.3.33

The EIDS Tool (SRI/MERS/Ebola) is available anytime when a call is activated by selecting the same button along the top tool bar:

  EID Tool

This also launches a pop-up tool similar to Paramount also shown below:

EID Tool 

To send this information to CAD, you must enable the Send CBRN and EIDS/SRI Information option in the Display Updates area under the Restricted tab:

EID Tool 

However, your CAD may not have the interface capable of receiving this information. Please verify with your CAD.  If it can, contact us for instructions on enabling the capability. 

ProQA Paramount v5.1.0.2 (pre-release)

EID Tool


To send this information to CAD, you must enable the Send CBRN and EIDS/SRI Information option in the Responder Script tab:


EID Tool

The next major upgrade to our Paramount software is in final stages of testing and will be released as version 5.1. Further enhancements to this tool will include the ability to enable either “Surveillance” or “Trigger” modes:

EID Tool


Licensed clients needing credentials for either Paramount, Legacy, or any other of our products, please request ftp access via our software support page:


As always, if you have any questions or need any help, please contact us.