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State and Federal Emergency Medical Dispatch Statutes and Regulations

ALABAMA AL Methods of Response to Emergency Calls, §11-98-11

See also: Code of Alabama, 1975, Chapter 18 Ambulances
Alabama EMS and EMD Rules, Chapter 420-2-1 Alabama Office of EMS
ALASKA Alaska EMS and EMD Statutes, §18.08 Alaska Regulations, Chapter 26, Emergency Medical Services Alaska Emergency Medical Services Unit
ARIZONA AZ §41-1835. Implementation and Coordination of an Emergency Medical Services Communication System Arizona EMS and EMD Rules, R9-25 Arizona Bureau of Emergency Medical Services & Trauma Systems

Arizona Emergency Medical Services Communications(EMSCOM)
The state of Arizona provides links to individual statutes only.
ARKANSAS See Arkansas Public Safety Communications Act at §12-10-301 et seq.

Rule 1 - Arkansas Emergency Telephone Service Board §217.00.1-1

Arkansas Rules and Regulations for Emergency Medical Services
Arkansas EMS Page The state of Arkansas does not provide a direct link to its statutes. They are available publically via Lexis.
CALIFORNIA See Division 2.5. Emergency Medical Services at §1797 et seq.

CA Vehicle Code §2422, EMD Dispatcher Training
California Public Safety Dispatcher Program, Regulation 1018 California EMS Authority webpage

CA Public Safety Dispatcher’s Basic Course

CA 9-1-1 Services
COLORADO See Colorado Statute §25- 3.5: Statewide Emergency Medical and Trauma Services and Public Safety Answering points, as defined in §29-11-101.

See 6 CCR 1015-4: Statewide Emergency Medical and Trauma Care System

See 6 CCR 1015-3: Emergency Medical Services
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

CO 911 Radio Communications
The state of Colorado does not provide a direct link to its statutes. They are available publically via Lexis.
CONNECTICUT See Emergency Telecommunications Statutes at C.G.S.A. §28-25b See Statewide Emergency Telecommunicator Training and Certification regulations CT Department of Public Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services

Division of Statewide Emergency Telecommunications (DSET)
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA None See 29 DCMR §553 for EMD regulations

Entire DC EMS Chapter
DC EMS website
DELAWARE 16 Del. C. §10006. Establishment of 911-Emergency Medical Dispatch System Delaware Ambulance Service Regulations, §1-700-710, including EMD Delaware EMS website

Enhanced 911 Delaware
FLORIDA Medical Telecommunications and Transportation, Chapter 401 Chapter 64J-3: 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator Certification Florida Department of Health, EMS Advisory Council

Florida 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator Program
GEORGIA §35-8-23. Basic training course for communications officers; certification requirements; duties of council; rules and regulations.
§36-60-19. Dispatch centers to have trained communications officers on staff.

Georgia state EMS and EMD Rules, §511-9-2 Georgia Department of Public Health, EMS

Georgia 911 Dispatcher Training Program
The state of Georgia does not provide a direct link to its statutes. They are available publically via Lexis.
HAWAII §321-229 Emergency medical services personnel, training programs Hawaii EMS and Emergency Dispatch Rules, §11-72 State Emergency Medical Services and Injury Prevention System Branch Hawaii’s current rules are pending repeal and replacement by Chapter 72.1 (“Comprehensive Emergency Medical Services System”).
IDAHO Idaho Emergency Communications Act, Title 31, Chapter 48 EMS Agency Licensing Requirements, §16.01.03 ID Department of Health and Welfare Emergency Medical Services Website
ILLINOIS Illinois Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Systems Act, §210 ILCS 50 Subpart E: EMS Lead Instructor, Emergency Medical Dispatcher, First Responder, Pre-Hospital Registered Nurse, Emergency Communications Registered Nurse, And Trauma Nurse Specialist

§515.710 Emergency Medical Dispatcher
Illinois Emergency Medical Systems
INDIANA Indiana Emergency Medical Dispatch, IC §16-31-3.5 Indiana Title 836 Emergency Medical Services Commission

§836-1, EMS and EMD regulations (See, Rule 4. Communications System Requirements)
Indiana Emergency Medical Services website
IOWA Iowa Telecommunicator Training Standards §80B.11C Iowa Administrative Code, 501.13.1 -501.13.6, Telecommunicator Training Standards Iowa Department of Public Health, Bureau of EMS
KANSAS §65-61: Emergency Medical Services, including dispatch Kansas Board of EMS Regulations, including Dispatch Communications Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services
KENTUCKY KRS Chapter 311A (EMS and EMD Statutes) See Chapter 7 Board of Emergency Medical Services
503 KAR 3:070 and 503 KAR 3:050 Telecommunications (Public Safety Dispatch) Training Requirements
Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services
LOUISIANA Louisiana RS 40:1231.1 to RS 40:1236.14

Specific LA EMS Statutes:
See Title 48. Public Health—General Part XI. Hospitals Subpart 5. Special Care Facilities Chapter 39. Standards for Emergency Medical Technician Training, and §11521 Emergency Medical Services Definition/Description Louisiana Emergency Medical Services
MAINE Maine EMS Act of 1982, including §85-A. Emergency Medical Dispatch Personnel See Chapter 3-A. Emergency Medical Dispatch Center Certification Maine Emergency Medical Dispatch website
MARYLAND Maryland EMD Statute, §13–516 See §30.04.04 for EMD Programs Maryland Emergency Medical Services
MASSACHUSETTS Massachusetts Chapter 111C, Emergency Medical Services System

§18B, State 911 Department

§18A, State EMD and PSAP Definitions
560 CMR 5.00: Regulations Establishing Certification Requirements For Enhanced 911 Telecommunicators, Governing Emergency Medical Dispatch MA Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) Regulations Information & Resources
MICHIGAN Emergency telephone operator defined at §423.232 here

Emergency 9-1-1 Service Enabling Act 32 of 1986, Section 484
MI Emergency 911 Service Standards of Training Michigan Dispatcher Training Standards Michigan adopted minimum training standards for 9-1-1 operators on Dec. 13, 2012.
MINNESOTA MN Public Safety Answering Point Definitions, §403.02

Chapter 144E, Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board Statutory Authority
MN PSAP Definition at 7580.0100 at Subp. 11 Minnesota EMS Regulatory Board
MISSISSIPPI See §19-5-351 to §19-5-361 Emergency Telecommunications; Board; Standards and Training; Basic and Enhanced 911:
Mississippi Board of Emergency Telecommunications Standards and Training: 31-3-601 through 31-3-601:12 Mississippi Board on Emergency Telecommunications Standards and Training (BETST) The State of Mississippi does not provide a direct link to its statutes. They are available publically via Lexis.
MISSOURI Central Dispatch for Emergency Services, §190.131 to §190.134 EMD certification requirements, 19 CSR 30-40 Missouri Emergency Medical Services
MONTANA Public Safety Communications Officer, §7-31-201 to 7-31-203 Emergency Medical Services Regulations, including emergency communications, Rule No. 37.104 Montana Emergency Medical Services
NEBRASKA Nebraska Revised Statute §86-431, Public Safety Answering Point, defined

Nebraska Revised Statute §35-1309.01, Certification Qualifications
Licensure of Out-Of-Hospital Emergency Care Providers, §172 NAC 11 Nebraska Emergency Medical Services Homepage
NEVADA Emergency Medical Dispatchers, NRS §450B.063 and NRS §450B.155 NV EMD regulations at NAC §450B.456 to 450B.459 Nevada Emergency Medical Systems
NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Enhanced 911 System, §106-H

NH Department of Safety, Chapter 21-P
Chapter SAF-C 5900 Emergency Medical Services Rules NH Bureau of Emergency Communications (911)

NH Bureau of Emergency Communications (911) Public Safety Answering Point and Operations
The official NH website is not reliable and often breaks or stalls.
NEW JERSEY NJ Statewide 9-1-1 Enhanced Emergency Telephone System, §52:17C1-16 9-1-1 Emergency Telecommunication System, N.J.A.C. §13:81 as 17:24 NJ Office of Emergency Telecommunications Services

NJ EMD Guidecards
NEW MEXICO NMSA Public Safety Telecommunicator Training Act, §29-7C-1 to 29-7C-9 (available via Justia)

Official New Mexico Statutes
Public Safety Telecommunicator Minimum Standards of Training, §10.29.10 NM State EMS Website: http://archive.nmems.org/ -and-
The New Mexico State EMS website is currently in the process of being revised and may not contain all of the information available: http://archive.nmems.org/
NEW YORK New York, Article 30, Emergency Medical Services

New York, Article 30-A, Emergency Medical Services Training
Chapter LX New York State 911 Board - Minimum Training Standards 21 NYCRR Part 520, Minimum Standards Regarding Call-Taker/Dispatcher Training New York Bureau of EMS
NORTH CAROLINA NC Emergency Telephone Service §62A-40

NC Statewide Emergency Medical Services Act §143-507
10A NCAC 13P.0407, Requirements for EMD Priority Reference System NC Credentialing and Compliance, including EMD Curriculum
NORTH DAKOTA ND Emergency Services Communication Systems, Chapter 57-40.6

ND Emergency Medical Services Operations Licenses, Chapter 23-27
ND EMS Training, Testing, Certification, and Licensure, Article 33-36 ND Division of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma
OHIO Ohio Chapter 4742, Emergency Service Telecommunicators Ohio Chapters 4765-1 to 4765-23, State Board of Emergency Medical Services Ohio EMS website
OKLAHOMA Oklahoma 2009 EMS Statutes and Rules Book, including priority dispatching Oklahoma 2009 EMS Statutes and Rules Book, including priority dispatching Oklahoma EMS website
OREGON Oregon Chapter 682 — Regulation of Ambulance Services and Emergency Medical Services Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training Oregon EMS and Trauma Systems website

Oregon Local Public Safety Dispatch Agencies
PENNSYLVANIA PA Title 35, Chapter 81, Emergency Medical Services PA Chapter 120c, Training and Certification Standards for 911 Emergency Communications Personnel PA EMS website
RHODE ISLAND Rhode Island, Chapter 39-21.1, 911 Emergency Telephone Number Act Rhode Island R23-4.1, EMS Rules and Regulations

Rhode Island E 9-1-1 Uniform Emergency Telephone System Rules and Regulations
Rhode Island Division of Emergency Medical Services
SOUTH CAROLINA Emergency Medical Services Act of South Carolina, §44-61-10 Regulations of South Carolina, Section 61-7 - Emergency Medical Services SC EMS Training, Requirements, and Protocols Access to South Carolina’s legislative and regulatory websites can be unreliable.
SOUTH DAKOTA Chapter 34-45, Emergency Reporting System Chapter 50:02:04 Public Safety Answering Points SD Emergency Medical Services

SD State 911 Coordination
TENNESSEE See §68-140-101 et seq., Emergency Medical Service Area Telecommunications:
TN Chapter 1200-12-01, Division of Emergency Medical Services General Rules

TN Chapter 1200-12-04, Emergency Medical Technician Or Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic In Hospital Emergency Services

TN Chapter 1200-12-06, Emergency Medical Services Board Officers and Procedures

TN Chapter 0780-6-2, Dispatcher Training Regulations
Tennessee EMS Telecommunications (Radio) The state of Tennessee does not provide a direct link to its statutes. They are available publically via Lexis.
TEXAS TX Chapter 771. State Administration of Emergency Communications Title 25, Part 1, Chapter 157, Subchapter D, Emergency Medical Services Personnel Certification (§157.49) Texas EMS & Trauma Systems Website
UTAH Utah Emergency Medical Communications, §26-8a-202
Duties of Emergency Medical Dispatch Centers, §26-8b-303
Title R426, Health, Family Health and Preparedness, Emergency Medical Services Utah Bureau of Emergency Medical Services Utah EMR, EMS, and EMT Certification and Training Portal
VERMONT VT Chapter 87, Enhanced 911 Emergency Services
18 V.S.A. § 906. Emergency Medical Services Division; Responsibilities
Vermont Emergency Medical Services Rules Vermont Office of EMS and Injury Prevention

Vermont Enhanced 911 Board
VIRGINIA §32.1-111.3, VA Statewide Emergency Medical Care System Virginia Emergency Medical Services Regulations, 12 VAC 5-31 Virginia Office of EMS Accreditation for PSAP’s and 911 Centers

Virginia 911 Center Emergency Medical Dispatch Accreditation Program
WASHINGTON WA Chapter 70.168 RCW, Statewide Trauma Care System Chapter 246-976 WAC, Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care Systems Washington State EMS Systems

King County EMD Programs:

Washington State Emergency Cardiac and Stroke System recommended dispatch guidelines
WEST VIRGINIA WV §24-6-5, Enhanced Emergency Telephone System Requirements
WV §16-4C, Emergency Medical Services Act
WV 64 CSR 48: Emergency Medical Services (§64-48-1 et seq.)
Alternative Version:
WV Office of Emergency Medical Services and WV Communications Division
WISCONSIN WI Chapter 256, Emergency Medical Services

§256.15 Emergency Medical Services Personnel; Licensure; Certification; Training

§256.35 Statewide emergency services number
WI Chapter DHS 110, Licensing, Certification, and Training Requirements

WI Chapter DHS 118.03 Trauma Care Definitions
2017 Assembly Bill 654

Wisconsin Emergency Medical Services

Wisconsin Emergency Medical Services Communications Plan
WYOMING WY Title 9, Article 7: Peace Officer Dispatch Standards and Training Commission
WY Title 16, Article 1: Emergency Telephone Service
Chapter 5, WY Certification and Training Standards for Dispatchers Wyoming Department of Health, Emergency Medical Services
FEDERAL 47 U.S. Code § 615 - Support for Universal Emergency Telephone Number

47 U.S. Code §615a–1 - Duty to provide 9–1–1 and enhanced 9–1–1 service

47 U.S. Code §615b - Definitions, including Emergency Dispatch Providers
Federal Communications Commission, Emergency Communications, including 911 call processing and delivery through Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) and call dispatch

Federal Communications Commission, Emergency Planning: Public Safety Answering Points

Resources Consulted: Communications, 76(9):28-37, Sept 2010.
  • EMS System Demographics, DOT-HS-812-041 (June 2014) (“All 50 State EMS Offices license EMS agencies that respond to 911 emergencies and provide transport to hospitals. Other EMS agencies licensed in decreasing order include Specialty Care Air Medical Transport (43 States), 911 Response (Scene) Without Transport (40), Non-Emergency Medical Transport, and Specialty Care Ground Transport. Only 18 States license Emergency Medical Dispatch Centers.” Available at: http://www.ems.gov/pdf/812041-Natl_EMS_Assessment_2011.pdf