Emergency Police Dispatch (EPD) Instructor


Experience and Certification

  • Minimum of five years experience as a traditional full-time police officer for a state, county, or municipal law enforcement agency (non-military), or country equivalent
  • Ranking police officer certification with responsibility for a law enforcement communication center is preferred

Instructional Education

  • Previous training in disciplines of adult learning theory, adult education, and instructional technology
  • Significant classroom instructional experience is preferred

Personnel Training

  • Previous experience in law enforcement personnel training
  • Five years of experience is preferred

Police Dispatching

  • Previous work with police dispatching and communication center operations
  • On-line experience with a system utilizing the Police Priority Dispatch System is preferred

Computer Knowledge

  • Previous experience with and knowledge of personal computers
  • Ability to perform basic personal computer operations
  • Experience with Microsoft® PowerPoint presentation software is preferred


EPD Certification

  • Attend and complete a basic 24-hour EPD certification course
  • Submit a photocopy of the certificate
  • Achieve passing examination grade of 85 percent or higher is preferred


  • Submit three letters of formal recommendation with one each from your primary employer, training agency management, and a senior police or law enforcement officer
  • Recommendations that discuss candidate's teaching abilities are preferred

Application and Curriculum Vitae

  • Submit a curriculum vitae (formal resume) with a completed EPD Instructor Application (should include, at a minimum, previous work experience and references, as well as personal contact information)
  • Submit a copy of Peace Officer Training (P.O.S.T., C.J.S.T.C., B.L.E.A, etc.) or country equivalent

Process for Certification Eligibility

After written contract approval from the Academy-authorized training entity that initiated the candidate's EPD Instructor training, and after having fulfilled all qualifications and prerequisites, the candidate shall successfully complete the following:

Instructor Academy Attendance and Participation

  • The instructor candidate (IC) begins the instructor certification process by attending a four-day Instructor Academy held at the IAED offices located at 110 South Regent Street, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • The Instructor Academy provides the teaching tools and insight for successfully presenting the three-day EPD certification course
  • The candidate is assigned segments of the course to teach, and presents the information as part of the coursework

Course Team-Teach

  • The IC team teaches at least two basic 24-hour EPD certification courses with an Academy senior faculty instructor
  • The IC is responsible for presenting the course material assigned by the Associate Director of Instructor Services prior to the course

Final Evaluation Course

  • The IC must complete a three-day EPD certification course as the lead instructor with an in-person evaluation by an Academy-approved master faculty instructor
  • The master instructor may minimally assist in teaching the course as necessary
  • A formal, positive, written evaluation and recommendation for EPD instructor certification by an Academy master faculty instructor
  • The evaluations and recommendations will be reviewed by the Board of Certification before instructor certification is granted

Continued Certification

Continued EPD Instructor Certification is based on attending a formal instructor recertification workshop (see explanation under the EPD Instructor Recertification section), assignment to an authorized training entity, as well as relevant employment.

Authorized Training Entity

  • Instructors must maintain the authorized status to remain certified. If the training entity loses its authorization status, and no longer qualifies as a training entity, the IAED assigns the instructor to another authorized entity, although the instructor's status reverts to "certification eligible" until the reassignment process is complete

EPD Instructor Certification

Complete EPD Instructor certification is awarded once the candidate is officially employed by an Academy-authorized training entity, which is responsible for the instructor's teaching schedule and recertification. Academy instructor certification is awarded in one of the categories listed.

Senior Faculty Instructor-Trainer

The Academy has the sole discretion of awarding the senior faculty distinction based on the following qualification:

  • Expertise in presentation skills as demonstrated at the three-day EPD certification course. The senior faculty instructor-trainer is actively teaching as a regional faculty instructor on a national or an international basis and is an active member of an Academy board or council

Regional Faculty Instructor

The Academy has the sole discretion of awarding the senior faculty distinction based on the following qualification:

  • Exceptional interpersonal skills and teaching ability as demonstrated at the three-day EPD certification course
  • The regional faculty instructor coordinates with the Academy's training management agency to teach nationally or internationally on a limited independent contractor basis

In-House Instructor

This category denotes instructors employed by a police agency that is an Accredited Center of Excellence (ACE). Teaching is limited to the specific center.

Site Instructor

This category applies to instructors employed by an Academy-authorized educational institution or EPD training site. Teaching is limited to the surrounding area, region, or educational sphere of influence as stipulated under the terms of a licensed training site contract.

EPD Instructor Recertification

The EPD instructor must complete the following requirements every two years to maintain certification:

Instructor Recertification Workshop

  • The workshops are held at the annual NAVIGATOR Conference, and additional workshops may be available throughout the year

Application and Verification

The instructor must:

  • Submit a completed, formal instructor recertification application that verifies personal contacts and includes at least four EPD certification courses taught over the previous two years or at least two courses over the previous two years plus 48 teaching hours of continuing dispatch education (CDE)

Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct

  • The instructor must abide by the Academy's Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct

Payment of Fees

  • There is a $100 fee payable to the Academy, which covers $50 for basic EPD recertification processing and an additional $50 for instructor certification. The fee is included in the tuition for the instructor recertification workshop

EPD Instructor Decertification

Academy EPD instructor certification and other recognition is a privilege, not a right. Questionable situations the Academy may review can result in the denial, suspension, or revocation of certification or other recognition. Readmission is the Academy's sole discretion.