Per   recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Federal Government, and in the interest of the health of our members, sponsors, and employees, we are cancelling NAVIGATOR 2020 We well understand the role that you all play in the essential public safety of your agencies, regions, and countries, and that your health is paramount to that mission. 

  We are saddened to make this announcement. Many employees, sponsors, speakers, and others have worked tirelessly to make this what was lining up to be the best NAVIGATOR to date.  Most of all, we will miss networking, learning, laughing, and just enjoying our members and clients who mean so much to us.  

Due to cancellation of the event, you will receive a full refundThere is also no need to cancel via the NAVIGATOR site You will automatically receive 100% of your registration fee—even if you have already cancelled.  Please note that while we experience staffing constraints, it may take up to six weeks for your refund to process.  

You do, however, need to cancel your hotel and travel reservations yourself. If you are booked at the host hotel, you will need to call the Coronado Springs Resort Hotel at (407) 939-4686 before March 25th to cancel your hotel room.  

For the latest information and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit  www.emergencydispatch.org. 

We thank you for your patience, understanding, and support, and look forward to seeing you at coronavirus-free NAVIGATOR 2021.   


  Jerry Overton
President, IAED 



NAVIGATOR 2020 Cancellation FAQ

Will there still be a NAVIGATOR this year?
NAVIGATOR 2020 has been cancelled in the interest of the health and safety of our members and per recent guidance from the CDC 

Do I need to cancel my registration to NAVIGATOR?
No, we will cancel your registration and refund your fees in full. Due to staffing constraints, it may take up to six weeks for your refund to process.  

If I’ve already cancelled my registration, will I receive a full refund?
Yes. If you’ve already been refunded 50% of your registration fee, you will receive the rest of your registration fee in full.  

Will my hotel room automatically be cancelled and refunded?
No, you will need to call the Coronado Springs Resort Hoteat (407) 939-4686 before March 25th to cancel your hotel room. Please remember to cancel your flights as well. 

Who can I contact for more information?
Please email navigator@emergencydispatch.org with any additional questions you have. 

Will my Disney Park Pass be refunded?
Disney is not refunding passes but the pass you purchased will be valid through December 30, 2020.

When is NAVIGATOR next year?
NAVIGATOR 2021 will be held April 26-29 in Las Vegas.

For the latest IAED updates on COVID-19please visit:  emergencydispatch.org 



Euro NAVIGATOR Genoa, Italy | 1416 September 2020

UK NAVIGATOR Bath, England | 911 September 2020



Asia NAVIGATOR Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 5–6 February 2020

Ireland NAVIGATOR  Dublin, Ireland | March 2021