College of Fellows

From the outset, the Academy's purpose was to provide a protocol certification registry and international forum for setting and evolving standards and processes relating to all aspects of emergency dispatching. Much like the American Heart Association controls unified protocol standards for CPR, ACLS, and BLS, the Academy controls the MPDS, FPDS, and PPDS as unified standards, with all content update and maintenance rights now legally assigned to the "College of Fellows" under a perpetually renewable contract.

The College of Fellows is the standard-setting body of the Academy. Its mission statement is "To conduct an on-going review of the current standards of care and practice in Emergency Dispatch and evaluate the tools and mechanisms used to meet or exceed those standards."

The College is a scientific body of international experts, which maintains the correctness of the protocols.

Agencies are encouraged to submit a Proposal For Change form to request formal protocol review. This form can be downloaded in PDF format here...

For more information contact:

  • Marie Leroux email
  • College of Fellows, Chair
  • 2 Chemin Paul-Grégoire
  • La Minerve, QC
  • Canada J0T 1S0

College of Fellows

United States

Bill Auchterlonie (KS) * Stephen L’Heureux (NH) * Robert Bass, MD (MD) * Victoria A. Maguire (MI) (Emeritus) * Christopher W. Bradford (FL) * Sheila Malone (IN) * Steven M. Carlo (NY) * Susi Marsan (GA) (Emeritus) * Jeff Clawson, MD (UT) * Robert L. Martin (CA) * Phil Coco (CT) * Dave Massengale (CA) * Brian Dale (UT) * Catherine McCormick-Bishop (MI) * Chip Darius, MA (CT) * Jerry L. Overton (UT) * Kate Dernocoeur (MI) * Eric Parry, ENP (UT) * Norm Dinerman, MD (ME) * Rick W. Patrick (PA) * Patricia J. Dukes, MICT (HI) * Brett A. Patterson (FL) * James V. Dunford, MD (CA) * Paul E. Pepe, MD, MPH (TX) * Conrad Fivaz, MD (UT) * Ross Rutschman (OR) (Emeritus) * Gary Galasso (UT) * Doug Smith-Lee (WA) * Keith Griffiths (CA) * Tom Somers (CA) * Jeffrey R. Grunow, MSN (UT) * Paul Stiegler, MD (WI) * Darren Judd (UT) * Michael Thompson (UT) * Alexander Kuehl, MD, MPH (NY) (Emeritus) * Carl C. Van Cott (NC) * James Lake (SC) * Jonathan D. Washko (NY) * James Lanier (FL) * Arthur H. Yancey, II, MD, MPH (GA) * Tina Young (CO)


Frank Archer, MD (Australia) * Peter Lockie (New Zealand) * Andrew K. Bacon, MD (Australia) (Emeritus) * Peter Pilon (Australia)


Claude Desrosiers (Quebec) * Marie Leroux, RN (Quebec) (Emeritus) * Martin Friedberg, MD (Ontario) * Paul Morck (Alberta) * Marc Gay (Quebec) (Emeritus) * Wayne Smith, MD (Quebec) * Douglas Eyolfson, MD (Manitoba)


Andre Baumann (Germany) * Susanne Ottendorfer, MD, BBA (Austria) * Jan de Nooij, MD (The Netherlands) * Harm van de Pas, MD (The Netherlands) * Andrea Furgani, MD (Italy) * Gernot Vergeiner (Austria) (Emeritus) * Jean-Marc Labourey, MD (France) * Christine Wäegli (Switzerland)

United Kingdom/Ireland

Trevor Baldwin (England) * Peter Keating (Ireland) * Michael Delaney (Ireland) * Beverley Logan (England) * Louise Todd (England) * Ray Lunt (England) * James Gummett (England) (Emeritus) * Andy Newton (England) (Emeritus) * Chris Hartley-Sharpe (England) * Cathal O’Donnell, MD (Ireland) * Andy Heward (England) * Janette K. Turner (England) * Stuart Ide (England)