Code of Ethics

The Academy encourages, advocates, and supports the proposition that "the community relies on the sound application of Priority Dispatch and imposes on the certified emergency dispatcher an obligation to maintain professional standards of technical competence, morality, and integrity." To accomplish this, the Academy's College of Fellows has unanimously adopted the following Code of Ethics, which serves as a guideline for the Academy in determining whether initial certification and/or recertification should be granted and in assessing grounds for possible suspension or termination.

  1. Academy-certified personnel should endeavor to put the needs of the public above their own.
  2. Academy-certified personnel should continually seek to maintain and improve their professional knowledge, skill, and competence and should seek continuing education whenever available.
  3. Academy-certified personnel should obey all laws and regulations and should avoid any
    conduct or activity that would cause unjust harm to the citizens they serve.
  4. Academy-certified personnel should be diligent and caring in the performance of their occupational duties.
  5. Academy-certified personnel should establish and maintain honorable relationships with their service peers and with all those who rely on their professional skill and judgment.
  6. Academy-certified personnel should assist in improving the public understanding of
    emergency dispatching.
  7. Academy-certified personnel should assist in the operation of and enhance the performance of their dispatch systems.
  8. Academy-certified personnel should seek to maintain the highest standard of personal practice and also maintain the integrity of the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch by exemplifying this professional Code of Ethics.