Certification Executive Course

Executive Certification Course

The NAED Executive Certification course provides the tools necessary to deliver a safe and professional emergency dispatch program. Developed by Dr. Jeff Clawson, considered the father of prioritized emergency dispatch, the course covers the essential operating principles of emergency dispatch. It combines an overview of the emergency dispatch curriculum with discussion of critical strategies necessary for designing and managing a professionally staffed communication center.

Course presenters have extensive center operations experience from varied backgrounds in EMS and public safety delivery systems. Their expertise brings classrooms alive through practical examples in emergency dispatch implementation and the emergency dispatch environment relative to liability, operations, and system effectiveness. The course offers participants eight hours of networking plus the opportunity to discuss the following topics among peers:

  • Advanced Priority Dispatch Systems™
  • Dispatcher training
  • Legal issues
  • Emergency vehicle collisions and lights-and-siren use
  • Response strategy
  • Developing and managing a comprehensive environment
  • Phased implementation
  • Common pitfalls of implementation

Successful attendees receive:

  • Two-year membership with the NAED
  • NAED Executive Certification
  • Official certificate of course completion from the NAED
  • Two-year subscription to The Journal of Emergency Dispatch

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The Executive Certification course introduces the National Academies, its curriculum, and its objectives. Instructors explain the Academy's role in promoting and managing quality dispatch education and improvement and the continuing development of the standardized protocol.

User Support

Learning how the Academy-approved protocols are designed encourages user understanding and support of operational and policy improvement. Instructors explain response determinant coding and associated local resource assignment, including how to incorporate local requirements.

Systematic Approach

Training and quality assurance enhance the use of protocol. Instructors explain how a properly implemented Priority Dispatch System can optimize patient/victim care and reduce liability.

Managing the Systems

Instructors explain the roles of oversight committee members and walk participants through the implementation procedures, from initial setup to accreditation, and how to avoid the common pitfalls. The emergency dispatch examples presented demonstrate the need for careful compliance, a quality improvement process, and how a well-designed feedback process improves the functioning of each dispatcher.

For more information on the Executive Certification course or to register, visit www.prioritydispatch.net to find a customer service representative in your area.