Certification EMD Course

EMD Certification Course

The Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) has been recognized as an essential component of effective EMS systems. Proper and timely training as well as a sound Medical Protocol are what help EMDs deliver quality care to the calling public with emergency medical needs.

Over the past decade, Priority Dispatch's EMD Certification Course has become the standard for EMD training. The course meets or exceeds all national criteria set by A.S.T.M., U.S. Department of Transportation, National Association of EMS Physicians, and others.

The EMD Certification Course includes Priority Dispatch's EMD Course Manual. Available separately are the Advanced MPDS cardsets, ProQA software, and the Principles of Emergency Medical Dispatch reference textbook.

Participants who complete the 3-day course will be eligible for certification through the International Academy of EMD. To be EMD-certified, the applicant must also be CPR-certified through the National Safety Council, American Heart Association, American Red Cross, European Resuscitation Council, or equivalent. We recommend this training be completed prior to attending the EMD course.

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Prerequisites and Information:

Initial EMD certification requires the applicant to be able to read and write at a high school graduate or GED level, complete an Academy approved EMD Course in which the applicant will complete a 50-question written certification exam with a score of at least 80%, obtain CPR Certification. Retests are available by phone for a $30 fee.

We recommend that the CPR training be completed prior to attending the EMD course; however, CPR certification completed after the course date will still be accepted. (CPR certification or course completion must meet Red Cross, Heart Association, Resuscitation Council, or DLS equivalent standards.) Academy Certification is valid for two years, beginning the day the test is taken and expiring the last day of that month two years later.

Registration includes:

  • EMD Course Manual
  • Certification fee and testing with the International Academy of EMD
  • 8-hours education that can apply toward other CDE requirements

Successful attendees receive:

For more information on the EMD, EFD, and EPD classes, or to register for a course visit www.prioritydispatch.net for access to a customer service representative in your area.

Certification forms are available in class from a certified instructor, or directly from the Academy. Please call for more information.