The IAED Dispatcher of the Year award was created to identify and recognize individuals who have made the most significant contributions to further the values and mission of the Academies through personal action. This award will be bestowed annually upon the IAED certified emergency dispatcher who has most successfully exemplified the values and mission of the Academies.

How to submit an IAED Dispatcher of the Year award nomination:

Submit your nomination online for your respective conference. Be sure to include an audio file of a call taken by your nominee exemplifying why he/she is deserving of this award and a high resolution (300 dpi 3MB or larger) photo of your nominee.

**Please note that an audio file and photo must accompany the nomination. Nominations submitted without an audio file and/or photo will not be considered.**

Selection Criteria

  • The IAED Awards Committee will review the nominations and select a short list for review by the Academies' Board of Trustees.
  • Nominees must be certified by the IAED and must use a Priority Dispatch System Protocol (MPDS, PPDS, and/or FPDS).
  • Nominations should not be based on one specific event.
  • Factors for selection to nominate should include: compliance to protocol, teamwork, initiative to further professionalism and education, and ability to function well under stress.
  • Supporting audio file should involve a difficult caller, extraordinary circumstance, or positive outcome.
Vist the NAVIGATOR website to submit.